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The financial world has been changing very fast over the last few decades.
Back in the 70's & 80's, people had to go stand in long, slow, lines at the banks to cash their paychecks to to withdraw money from their accounts. ATM's were Not common place. Credit cards were difficult to get and most people were embarrassed to use them. You had to carry some cash.
Fast forward to Information Age. Computers have reinvented the way money is used and transferred, and even the way it exists!
Do you realize most money today is not even in a physical, touchable medium?! It is simply numbers in computer banking systems; data that get exchanged electronically, all around the world, at times almost at the speed of light!
Today, most people have credit cards, check cards, and electronic transfer. You do not have to leave work on Fridays to try to make it to the bank! Most establishments accept Master Card, Visa, and American Express. Computers have completely changed the rules for payments! In today's world, most of the time, you don't even need to carry any cash... just a plastic card. And for rare times when you actually need cash... ATM's are everywhere, waiting 24 hours a day, to provide you with those green paper bills, at the touch of a few buttons!

Now, let's look at this phenomenon a little further... many jobs today are information jobs. Why? A good portion of redundant, manual labor, has been replaced with automation. Many employees now, do most of their daily work on computers. That, combined with computer networking (the internet) opens up endless possibilities. The fact is, with modern communication, many people now are able to do their work from home.
That can be 1 mile away, or half way around the world!

Ok, now, let's think about how this has changed modern society. The Information Age has created easy, cheap, instant communication all around the world! This has caused globalization, where information, labor, goods and services have been out-sourced, in-sourced, traded, and mixed among all the countries in the world. This can be good, and it can be very bad, depending on your location and many other factors.

Here in the United States, we are seeing a shift in power among society. Those who embrace technology, are able to succeed at unbelievable levels, not ever possible before! Just look at technology based companies such as Microsoft, Google, and
Also, the Internet has provided ways for small businesses to advertise and sell globally, for very little cost. Twenty years ago, it would cost a fortune to advertise just nationally, while today, you can offer/advertise products all around the world for as little as $4 per month!

All of this has made the regular 40 hour week job obsolete for many people. The way of the future for them is owning their own business, working from home, by using technology. If you still think working a regular job is the only way to make money, you need to open your eyes and look around! Fortunes are being made right now by people like you, who are working from home!


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