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Charity - Why PROPER Giving Promotes Prosperity

Ever notice how much ridiculous money is spent on, and paid to, entertainers?
Think about sports stars... millions of dollars per year is paid to them for entertaining us: 
For hitting a ball into a small hole... $80.3 million. For driving a race car... $80 million. For putting a ball into a ring suspended in the air... $35 million. As a society, are we crazy?! I would have to say... absolutely YES.

Take a look at the table below. It shows some ridiculous salaries paid to sports stars. They have to be laughing all the way to the bank (the ones that aren't laughing... are so arrogant, that they actually believe they deserve that type of pay)! 
They provide NO REAL VALUE to the human race, or to this world (how could sports be directly beneficial to mankind?).
If you think they do, then you are a brainwashed, true consumer, who is idolizing what the entertainment industry wants you to. Thanks to you, they fatten their pockets from every event because you are willing to spend your money.

Now, what I want you to think about is proper giving... charity.

Why is it that someone is paid $80 million per year to put a ball in a hole, when researchers looking for a cure for cancer can be paid so little... and have to ask for research/grant money to do their work?

Answer: our society's wrongful mentality. 
Basically, we focus or put too much emphasis on the wrong things.

Tiger Woods
Michael Schumacher
Peyton Manning
Michael Jordan
Saquille Oneal
Andre Agassi
David Beckham
David Beckham
($50m per year for 5 years) 

As you become more financially successful, you have a true responsibility... 
That responsibility is to give back to proper causes. 
Even most of the people in the table above give back (and they should with that type of pay).
Anyway, you will need to support proper causes, the right organizations, and good people. 
Because proper giving promotes growth of positive things.
When the positive things start growing... everyone will benefit.

And in case you are unaware, I am going to let you in on a secret... a "law" of this universe... when you give back properly (freely, truely without expecting things in return)... this world has a way of returning/giving back, more to You, than you gave back! 

I cannot explain why this happens, but it does.
And just the opposite... if you are greedy and take/steal/lie/cheat, this "law" reverses itself and the world including people and events, takes from you.

Do Not give to any organization that promotes destruction or negative causes. 
Do Not support people who are lazy, full of excuses, or have a negative mindset.
Do Not provide any monetary support without knowing how it will be used.

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