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Credit Score:
Do you know your credit score? Let me back up... Do you know what a credit score is?
Most people do not know their credit score or are even concerned with it, until they do to buy something big. We are talking about a car, house, or land. In reality, your credit score is the most important number associated with your social security number.

What is a credit score?
A credit score is a number provided by one of the credit beaurus that ranks your likeliness (risk) to pay or not pay back borrowed funds. Basically, it is your financial report card's grade point average.

There are three main credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union.
Each one of these bureaus provide a credit score on you, based on your financial history of timely or untimely payments. This means each of the scores will likely be different, based on the historical information that they have on you, and the algorithm used to calculate the score.

Why is having a good credit score so important?
When you have a bad credit score, financial institutions will not loan you money (you have no opportunties). 
When you have an OK credit score, you can get some loans, but at rather high interest rates (you have some opportunities, but they will cost you). 
When you have a great credit score, you can get many more loans, for more money, and at lower interest rates (you have more opportunities and at lower cost).
So basically, when you are responsible with money (which means you will have a high credit score), people will throw money at you all the time!
NOTE: not only is a good credit score important when getting loans, many companies today, will check the credit score before hiring a new employee! So, in reality, your credit score is more important than your actual job!

Now, there is also something called a credit report. A credit report is a document containing information of your current credit status and your credit history. It is important that you obtain copies (one from each credit bureau) on a regular basis to verify your credit activity! Why? Because this will allow you to stop or prevent identity theft. This is so important that in 2002, the US government signed into law, that each person is to be provided a free credit report anually, from each credit bureau! To obtain your free credit reports, goto

NOTE: DO NOT goto !!!!
Why not? Because has been subject to possible lawsuits due to deceptive business practices (they bill you later continously, for extra services, if you do not successfully cancel a contract in time). Read more about the problems with

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