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MoneyDecisions101 => Eggs In One Basket

Back in 2001, I was the victim of identity theft. You can read about my identity theft here.
One thing that I quickly learned from that experience is never keep all your eggs in one basket! 

Stability and security come from speading out your money into various locations/accounts/investments. For example, if someone were to get control of your single bank account, they can take all your money at once. On the other hand, if you keep your money equally divided in four different banks (in different accounts), then will likely take only 1/4 of your money at a time. Likewise, if one of the banks has a financial or technical breakdown, you will still be able to access your money in the other three banks. 

The same goes for investments. If you have all your money invested in real estate, when the real estate market collapses (like it is doing now), you will suffer great financil difficulty. To avoid this, you should deversify, and invest in a wide range of areas. Stocks and money market accounts should be added to your investment list to spread out and reduce risk. Just remember to keep some varity in everything. The same can be said within each type of investment itself. For example in stocks, you do not want to invest 100% in gold/precious metals. When the gold prices come down, so do all your stocks. Again, deverisfy... get some tech stocks, blue chip stocks, and mutual funds, to help spread out and stabilize your stock porfolio.


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