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You can reduce your power bill by supplementing solar or wind power in your home. Solar or wind power must be viewed as a long term investment. Since solar panels and wind equipment can be quite expensive, it usually takes years for pay back on the initial cost.

To add solar or wind power to your home, you need to purchase solar panels and/or wind turbine and connect them into the power grid at your home. This can be done quickly and easily with a grid tie inverter. When power is supplied by the solar panels or windmill into the wiring of your home, your power meter will slow down, or even turn backwards (if your solar power exceeds your usage).

Higher end grid tie inverters are the Outback series or Windy or Sunny Boy inverters. Typically, these inverters retail in the $2000 and up range and have capacities of 3000+ watts, depending on the model and features.

Today, however, you can purchase small capacity, lower cost grid tie inverters that simply plug into standard wall outlets (sometimes called plug n play inverters). Two models  are SWEA's 250 watt plug n play grid tie inverter and Envirotech's SSI-200W 200 watt grid tie inverter. 

These GTI's from SWEA and Envirotech usually sell for around $350 each, are piggy-back capable (to increase power capacity), and can be purchased from online stores and ebay. Solar panels and wind turbines cost much more. Installation costs for solar and wind power can also add up, but overall you should feel good about clean power generation.

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