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MoneyDecisions101 => Cain's 999 plan mark of the beast?

We are not going to analze the financial side of Herman Cain's 999 tax plan in this short article. In this article, we question the numbers "999"... when inverted, could represent the mark of the beast. Why did those numbers have to be used?
Cain seems to be an intelligent, very straight forward, responsible, business minded person. He speaks his mind and make no excuses. Very appealing to me as a voter. He obviously knows how to run a business and is experienced in marketing. So, why not choose "888", or even better... "777"?
Maybe the finanicials do not function with 1-2% reductions... but at least the 777 plan sounds lucky. I believe 777 would be more acceptable to a wider range of population... at least to the gamblers.

On the religious view... maybe it is beyond the powers of man and nobody can stop or prevent the 999 plan. Only time will tell. When I first heard about it, the inverted 666 immediately popped into my mind and I was really "weirded-out" about it. A mental red-flag appeared as my mind questioned politics, science, finances and religion all at the same time.
Before you start laughing... really think about all that has been happening in the world and hope, just hope... that we all have a bright future.

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