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In 2008, the average Cable TV Bill was $71 Per Month

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How to Build a HD TV Antenna

You can build a pretty good DTV HDTV TV antenna yourself, for almost no money. With this antenna, you can pick up most of your local over the air TV programs for free. Remember, because the broadcasts are digital, they come in crystal clear. Also, over the air broadcasts are usally better quality than from cable, because high compression rates are usually not needed over the air. 

With free over the air digital TV, many people are closing out their cable accounts. 
In this economy, why pay for tv, when very good qualtiy programs be accessed for free? 

We know some of you are foolishly paying between $40 and $200 per month for TV! 
(-what a bunch of idiots!... and you wonder why you cannot get ahead!)
Just remember, with one less bill to pay... it becomes easier to keep your finances growing!

There are many antenna designs, relying on both art and science. One growing in popularity due to performance and simplicity is this design:

Note in the above design, do not allow the two blue coat hanger pieces to touch at their crossover points.

Here is the completed HD TV Antenna that we built for almost no cost (almost free). 

Note the VHF connector at the center (cost for the connector is about $1 to $2). 
Mount the antenna somewhere high and keep it vertical. 
Also note that it's design makes it fairly directional (you will need to turn it appropriately for the best reception).

Overall, from our experience, this homemade antenna has better reception than an amplified Phillips MANT510 HD antenna!

Online videos for this antenna design can be found here:
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If you eliminate a $100 month cable bill, you can save $1200 per year.

That $1200 savings per year, invested at 5% return, would grow into $79,726.62 after 30 years and then $144,959.70 after 40 years!

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