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This is what a Google Adsense payment/check looks like:
Google Adsense payment check

MoneyDecisions101 => How to Make Money with Google Adsense

Google will pay you for clicks on their Adsense ads that you have on your website. This is part of their advertising program where customers pay Google to drive traffic to their websites, through their Google Adwords program. Google gets paid, you get paid, and the customer gets web traffic.

I have been making money online using Google Adsense since 2007. Years ago, I tried many other click-through programs from other companies with absolutely no success. I never recieved any payments! Then, I found out about Google Adsense. The only reason I tried it was because it was from Google. Google Adsense works. I received my first check in May 2007, which was for $112.82. Not exactly alot of money, but it was something. The best part was... I did not have to manually work, go anywhere, or do anything for this money. There was some upfront work (putting up the ads), but this was pretty much passive income! Since then, I have been receiving checks on a more regular basis.

I believe just about anyone can earn a few hundred dollars a year from Google Adsense. If you work hard at it, you can probably earn hundreds per month and maybe even thousands. 

How do you start making money online using Google Adsense?
1) Create a website (on a topic that you know  a lot about, that interests others)
2) Put Google Adsense ads on your website

To create a website, you will need to 
1) Purchase a domain name and 
2) Purachase a hosting service from a hosting provider. 

Two good hosting companies are Total Choice Hosting and Godaddy. 
You can get domain names for as cheap as $10 and starter hosting packages for about $4 per month.

Once you get your hosting account setup, you will need to write your webpages and upload them onto the websever. To write your webpages, you can use a webpage editor such as Amaya. Within your webpages, you will need to put some Adsense ads/links. To do this, you wil need to open an Adsense account. You can goto to apply/create your account. Once your account has been created, you wil need to login to create your adsense ad links. You can paste the Adsense code into your webpages. Use your hosting provided info (for server, username, and password) to send your html webpages up to the server.

Once you get your website up and running with your Google Adsense links, you will need to experiment with different ads and ad placement. The idea is to develop your website with good, usable content, providing info or a service that people want and need. The Google Adsense links will provide your users with opportinity for products or additional info linked on other sites.

Hopefully as your site grows, you will obtain more and more users and traffic. This will bring in more Adsense revenue to your account. Once you are able to bring in more money per year than the cost of your website (domain name and hosting price), your website will be self-sustaining. Note that this is not too difficult, because your total cost of your website can be as low as $60 per year.

Some people have been very successful making money online with Adsense. Although not easy (it takes real work), some have been able to earn thousands of dollars per month using Adsense! Even if you cannot achieve that level, even making a few hundred dollars per year online, would be better than zero. After all... you will definitely earn zero dollars, if you never try Google Adsense... 
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