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A simple, 100% safe way to invest... Put your cash in online savings accounts to earn interest.

There are several online banks which provide very good interest on your money. They require that you link your online account to your existing checking account. Then, money can be transferred electronically between the two. Typical interest rates (as of May 2006) are 4.15 to 4.6 APY.
Some of these banks include ING Direct (, Virtual Bank (, and Citibank.

So, if you have some extra money sitting around doing nothing, go to one of the websites mentioned above and open an account. If you don't, you are throwing away free money!

To open a new account, ING has no minimum, while virtualbank requires $100. Once your account is open, move any excess cash from your existing checking account, to the online one to earn interest. Note: make sure you do not go under the minimum account balance required by your existing bank's checking account (you do not want to be charged a fee by your existing bank). Then, sit back and watch free money accumulate in your online account!

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