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In 2008, the average Cable TV Bill was $71 Per Month

MoneyDecisions101 => Fix LitterMaid that has stopped working

LitterMaid Stopped working

The other day, our Litter Maid automatic litter box stopped working.
Powering the LitterMaid OFF and ON did not help.
Also, cutting the power OFF for 10 minutes did not help either.

The fix (solution) for our LitterMaid was to clean and then click the microswitch several times. The microswitch is located in the left side track of the LitterMaid.

Note: You have to open the LitterMaid dump compartment cover to access it.
Evidently, the microswitch had become dirty and clogged.

Hope this helps others...
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If you eliminate a $100 month cable bill, you can save $1200 per year.

That $1200 savings per year, invested at 5% return, would grow into $79,726.62 after 30 years and then $144,959.70 after 40 years!

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