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One way you can put some extra money in your pocket is by using a credit card wisely. 

There are many rewards credit cards available that provide Cash Back (usually around 1% to 5% of selected purchases). This is typically done by earning points on purchases made on the card.
Once you earn enough points, you turn the points in for a cash or other merchandise.

Imagine, who will let you borrow money for up 30 days with no interest, help build your credit, prevent you from having to carry cash, track/log all your transactions electronically, and allow to to earn cash back all for FREE?! Answer: Most major credit card companies.

I do this every day using a Cash Back credit card and good spending habits. That means, I pay for everything I can with my credit card, BUT I ALWAYS pay off the balance every month! 
***Let me repeat... I always pay off the balance every month!***

From my credit card purchases, I let the points build up to at least 25000. How? I pay everything possible with my card, including bills, gasoline, and food. Then, when the points get to at least 25000, I go online, and use those points for Cash Back. My credit card company then sends me a $250 check in the mail (25000 points=$250). I then deposit the check into my checking account to earn interest (more about this interest in the next chapter).

So, basically, my credit card company has never made a penny of interest from me, yet they pay me hundreds of dollars every year! 

NOTE: again, remember, this is only beneficial if you pay your balance off every month! 
It makes no sense to earn 1% to 5% cash back, if you are paying 12% to 18% annual interest!

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