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To start building wealth, most people simply need to change their mentality. 
MoneyDecisions101 will open your mind to help you focus on your financial future.

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Thoughts in your mind become your reality.

Let me repeat:
In this world... thoughts in your mind become your reality.

Your mentality is the driving force of your life and everything around you in this world. If you have a good positive mentality, you will achieve a lot in your lifetime. On the contrary, if you have a negaive mentality, or focus on the wrong things, your life will become something undesirable. This is a simple, truthful fact.

When you have nice positve people and things around you, your life will become more positive and fullfilling. If there are bad things around, whether you like it or not, unless you are truely focused (very few are), you will be affected in a negative manner. Think about it. Drive around your city. In the bad areas of town, are run down buildings, trash littered in the yards and roads, and broken down cars. Along with this comes negative people, negative attitudes, and other bad things. People in these areas just don't care about keeping things nice. Many have given up, or blame others for their situation. Crime, drugs, and other shady activity flurish in these areas. Pawn shops and abandoned builds will appear. People get hurt in these areas (just watch your local news channel). Please note that once an area becomes visually unpleasing, the area will go down (in quality and in value). It will be very difficult to turn the area around. Why? Because the negative mental images, drive out people that can afford to ge out. Less fortunate people remain and allow things to get more run-down. It is a vicious self-feeding cycle.

So, DO NOT allow bad, negative images in your life! Again, focus on positive things and your life will become more positive. Very Important: Keep your home and neighboorhood looking nice and upper class in quality and style. 

Appearance has a large effect on property value and people's minds! 
Ugly property brings in the bad and drives out the good people. Pretty, well kept property brings in the good and forces out the bad. 
You can report littering or dumping in your neighborhood at

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