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To start building wealth, most people simply need to change their mentality. 
MoneyDecisions101 will open your mind to help you focus on your financial future.

MoneyDecisions101 => Change Your Mentality

How do you become rich?
Simply, you need to change your way of thinking and focus on things that matter in building wealth, without greed... Change your mentality.

You see, most people focus on the wrong things. They think sports, vacations, clothes, shoes, stereos, cars, music cds... all things that take money from you, are important, but they really are not. The key to becoming financially successful (rich) is to focus on things that increase in value or bring money to you... real estate,  collector cars, businesses in manufacturing/information/services, stocks/investments, and so on. Don't worry about what others think about you, and don't try to impress them.
Focus on what really matters...

NEVER become greedy. Greed kill prosperity.
ALWAYS be generous and creative. Creativity promotes prosperity.

What keeps poor people poor?
Answer: it is not the lack of money, it is their mentality.

What makes people steal, hurt, or even kill others for money?
Answer: again, it is not the lack of money, it is their mentality.

What keeps or prevents YOU from becoming rich?
Answer: It does NOT "take money to make money", you need to CHANGE YOUR MENTALITY.

Mentality (or lack of good mentality) is the only thing holding you and others back in this world. It is NOT your lack of money, race, family background, where you grew up, or anything else... period. 

Now that you have been told the TRUTH, you have no excuse.

  Now, on to Making Money...

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