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Most vehicles decrease in value over time. New cars once driven off the lot, usually depreciate a considerable amount in value.
American Muscle Cars are an exception to this. Muscle cars such as early Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros, and Dodge Chargers have increased substantially in value over the past 10 years. Others that are not the ultra rare models, at least hold their value over time.

For example, a early model Chevrolet Camaro, can be a more stable value holder than a late model BMW.

If you do not believe this, goto Click the Vehicle Pricing and Information link. Click Cars tab. Lookup a Chevrolet, 1969, Camaro Z28, 2 Door Coupe, 350 V8 engine.
As of December 2008:
Low Retail = $26,680
Average Retail=$43,125
High Retail=$71,185.

Just remember that each year your new BMW or Mercedes decreases in value, that 69 Z28 will likely go even higher in value! 

Another price example from a 1970 Boss 429 Ford Mustang, 4 speed, with Ram Air:
As of December 2008:
Low Retail = $192,030
Average Retail=$321,715
High Retail=$639,638

So, be careful and think twice about cursing old vehicles... 
instead, look up a few old model on;
they could be worth much more than a new Lexus or Ferrari.

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