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Peak Oil is probably the number one threat to the future of modern civilization. We are now facing an extreme world wide energy crisis. This situation WILL affect YOU and almost everyone you know, in ways that most cannot imagine. 
It is happening right now, and oil companies are NOT at fault. Oil companies do not control oil prices, nor do they control the amount of resources nature provides; you ultimately control consumption, demand, and therefore, oil prices. 
What are you and all other consumers willing to pay for petroleum? 

Peak Oil will likely cause severe economic downturn and mass starvation. Food for 6.5 billion people on this planet cannot be sustained without cheap energy. The era of Cheap Energy is gone. Top leaders of countries all over the world, scientists, and oil companies are very aware of this. Problem is, they cannot tell you. Why? You probably would not understand or believe the truthful facts anyway. 

The current U.S. government has been working on this peak oil issue for years, while the general public blindly criticizes and complains, living lavish lifestyles, and consuming more and more energy. Ignorance is bliss...

Want to learn about Peak Oil?
Peak Oil description and definition can be found here.

A Crude Awakening - The Oil Crash

Crude Awakening: Peak Oil & The End of Cheap Energy: Part 1
Crude Awakening: Peak Oil & The End of Cheap Energy: Part 2

President Bush Discusses Energy in Alabama (Ethanol E85)
"It (E85) works just fine because it helps address a national security issue."... 
"One way to become less dependent on foreign oil is to use American-grown products to power our automobiles." -President Bush

President Bush Discusses Energy Initiatives in Athens, Alabama Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant
"We're too dependent on oil. And you know, in 1985, about 27 percent of our oil came from other countries; today, about 60 percent does. And that's a dependency that creates economic and national security problems for us." - President Bush.
"The President is reducing dependence on oil through the development and use of vehicles that run on different sources of energy."
"Calling on every vehicle manufacturer that serves the U.S. market to produce flex-fuel vehicles... cars and trucks that can be powered with either gasoline or biofuels across their fleet"
"Since 2001, ethanol production has quadrupled from 1.6 billion gallons in 2000 to an estimated 6.4 billion gallons in 2007, with the vast majority coming from corn" -


A Tale of Two Houses

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